Active support for the patient in oral anticoagulant therapy

Management and monitoring

SelfTAO is the integration between the latest diagnostic technologies on the one hand and information technology on the other, a mobile software solution that is completely innovative, not aimed at the healthcare facility, but aimed at patients (self-testing and self-management ) as an active support to the management and monitoring of oral anticoagulant therapy at a distance. It represents an information collector, an active system for the collection of any data useful for the monitoring of therapy (documentation, vital parameters, clinical events, laboratory values, therapy compliance, etc.) and for the management of clinical risk, in addition to that as a reference point for the purpose of finding up-to-date information about nearby specialized facilities, pharmaceutical information, interfering foods and so on.

Caregiver and patient

SelfTAO has three main access profiles: CAREGIVER: intended as a family rather than an assistant to the patient. The profile has the ability to manage one or more patients, on the same application. Let's think, for example, of the son who could manage the two parents, both TAO patients; SELF-TESTING: intended as a patient in self-monitoring of clinical value, through a diagnostic device carried and with a support professional, who will monitor the TAO and prescription of the therapy; SELF-MANAGEMENT: intended as patients in self-management of therapy. In all cases the connected center or doctor will receive all the monitoring or management data in addition to all the other data collected.

Farmaci AVK e NAO

SelfTAO provides for the management and monitoring of all types of drugs prescribed for TAO. Ad hoc functionalities for the management of type drugs have been studied and implemented: AVK (anti vitamin K) NAO (new oral anticoagulants) heparin Furthermore there is a complete management of the substitution therapy (embryo) both for AVK and for NAO.

Clinical diary

In addition to the normal management of appointments for visits and withdrawals for clinical examinations, SelfTAO also provides a daily management of a real clinical diary, in which the user can note eventual events, through a guided procedure. The prescription of new drugs, the occurrence of clinical events, extra TAO specialist visits, etc., are all events that can be uploaded independently by the user, attaching one or more images. Each event can be shared via email or through direct integration with your center / doctor. This functionality is particularly useful, along with monitoring adherence to therapy, especially in the case of NAO drugs, where the frequency of visits is higher.

Not just TAO

SelfTAO integrates features that go beyond the normal management and monitoring of oral anticoagulant therapy


Management of own appointments, whether they are control or specialist visits, clinical examinations and more.

Adherence to therapy

SelfTAO will help you with daily dosage management, with customizable reminder messages and drug intake monitoring.

Clinical diary

Record clinical events, generic information, annotations and anything else that may be useful for the therapy.


Setting and management of reminders for: control visits, medication intake (not only TAO), instrumentation control, self-determination, etc.

Altri farmaci

Management of concomitant therapies, reminders, inventory control and more.

Useful information

General information concerning the TAO. Nutrition, facilities, guidelines, training, other drugs.

SelfTAO a valid tool for monitoring the TAO

Some of the features of the platform

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