Technical aspects

The SelfTAO platform integrates cutting-edge technological solutions to serve the patient, to guarantee a high quality standard, with the aim of being a collector of useful information.

Integration with portable coagulometers

SelfTAO provides integration, via bluetooth or by reading specific QR codes, with portable diagnostic equipment. The quality and reliability of the instruments on the market, has reached high standards comparable to professional instruments. This allows the patient, on the advice of his doctor, to be able to self-monitor his own INR or other values, and through SelfTAO transmit them to his TAO control center.


SelfTAO provides an integration suite with standard messages HL7 (Health Level Seven) or API (application programming interface) for data sharing with professional systems in use with TAO centers . Ask your doctor, if they are connected to SelfTAO, activate the sharing of your data on your application, with the reference center and automatically you can send your INR value, your medical history and you will receive the therapeutic calendar. You will be in direct connection and the TAO center will have a daily update of your status and adherence to therapy even with "new" drugs (NAO).


We thought of a digital TAO CARD, directly available on SelfTAO, a summary of the information to be used in different situations where it is necessary to share your data. The application also produces a printable version (complete with dashed marks for clipping) to be kept in the wallet or in any case among the personal effects. At the same time you can send it via email, produce a JPG as a screensaver of the smartphone or a QR CODE containing the main information, for a simple, immediate and safe reading.

UI / UX Design

We spent a lot of time studying the usability and graphical interface of the SelfTAO application, involving over 600 patients in the preliminary study to understand their needs and expectations. A careful analysis of the typical user allowed us to delimit the application field of operation and to better convey the established primary messages; defining all the graphic aspects to build and offer a tool that is not only useful, but above all simple and dedicated.